News | Education, Development Cooperation 09.10.2015

Siemens Stiftung targets local entrepreneurship in Africa

A passion for experiments: Experimento training will also be implemented with the help of local entrepreneurs in future.

How can developing educational projects and implementing them sustainably tie in with promoting entrepreneurship in Africa? To build the expertise necessary and develop viable methods for achieving these two aims, Siemens Stiftung is cooperating with the DO School, an international educational platform whose focus includes innovation and entrepreneurship. The two partners were looking for local young people aged between 25 and 35 with the commitment and vision to further develop and implement educational projects in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Those interested could applied until September 18, 2015 to take part in a three-week innovation and entrepreneurship course at the DO School campus in Berlin as part of the “EDUCATION CHALLENGE AFRICA” competition. Participants will be trained in innovation and entrepreneurship and develop concrete strategies to help local institutions implement Experimento. With over 800 submissions, the call for applications was met with high approval. In the multi-phase selection process currently under way, the jury members closely inspect all documents and contact applicants. The candidates selected can look forward to the workshop taking place in Berlin from November 16, to December 4, 2015, where they will receive training in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. The participants will also develop concrete concepts to help local institutions implement Experimento. You can find further information at The DO School website.

Working in partnership with schools, universities and educational authorities, Siemens Stiftung has enjoyed great success in realizing its international educational program Experimento in Kenya and South Africa. The program is designed to strengthen children and young people's knowledge of science and technology. Now, the foundation plans to further consolidate and expand Experimento in these and other African countries with the help of local entrepreneurs. This collaboration is the first time that Siemens Stiftung has joined up its educational commitment with the experiences it has gained from the basic services working area. The foundation has been initiating a wealth of entrepreneurship projects around the globe for many years, promoting personal initiative and the entrepreneurial mindset, and offering seminars and training courses.