News | Education 20.08.2010

Siemens Stiftung supports teacher training at regional training center of German foreign schools in Lima, Peru

Siemens Stiftung is donating Electro-Lab Kits in support of teacher training at the regional training center of German foreign schools in Lima, Peru. A total of 25 teachers will also receive continuing education focusing on specific components for teaching in German. The workshop, with its rigorous practical focus on the classroom experience, also provides a detailed introduction to using the Siemens Stiftung Electro-Lab Kit. The experimentation kits include high-quality materials and instructions for performing 22 experiments in electronics and electrical engineering. Instructors learn how to use the Electro-Lab Kit in the classroom and have the opportunity to perform some of the experiments themselves.
In hosting the workshop, the regional training center in Lima is responding to the desire of many educators to offer real-world classroom instruction that will awaken in young students a lifelong fascination with scientific subjects.
Siemens Stiftung actively supports teacher training and scientific literacy among children at the preschool, elementary school and secondary school level. Because a thorough understanding of science and technology will be essential in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Teachers taking part in the Lima workshop come from the following schools: Deutsche Schule Alexander von Humboldt, Peru, Colegio Alemán Humboldt de Guayaquil, Ecuador, Colegio Humboldt, Brazil, Deutsche Schule Concepción, Chile, Deutsche Schule Medellin, Colombia, Deutsche Schule Quito, Ecuador,  Mariscal Braun, Bolivia, Colegio Max Uhle, Peru, Deutsche Schule Sankt Thomas Morus, Chile, Beata Imelda Chosica, Peru, Deutsche Schule Barranquilla, Colombia.