News | Education 19.03.2010

Siemens Stiftung supports advanced teacher training at the Regional Training Center of the German International Schools in San José, Costa Rica


Siemens Stiftung is providing experiment sets to support advanced teacher training in the Regional Training Center of the German International Schools in San José, Costa Rica. The center will hold the training session from March 22 to 26 under the theme of "Innovative Student Experiment Sets in the Science Classroom." The 15 participants are from the following schools:  Colegio Humboldt German School, Costa RicaGerman School, GuatemalaGerman School, NicaraguaGerman School, El Salvador, and  Austrian School, Guatemala. Teachers attending the workshop will view a demonstration of how the experiment sets can be used in an educational setting. The teachers will learn how to use the experiment sets in their classrooms, and will have an opportunity to try out experiments from the kits. Siemens Stiftung is supporting the training course by donating experiment sets in the areas of electronics and electrical engineering (  Electro-Lab Kit) and Renewable Energy Sources.

The foundation also offers teachers at the German Elementary School in San José with advanced training in "Experiments for schoolchildren in General Science Instruction.” The  Discovery Box experiment materials are used for this purpose.

Quality assurance in the education offered by the German International Schools is a primary goal of the Regional Training Center in San José, which functions as a center for 30 training facilities by providing advanced training worldwide for teachers working abroad. The center is led by an educational advisory board, which organizes the teacher training courses and prepares an evaluation report after the courses have been held. By providing advanced teacher training on scientific experiment sets, the Regional Training Center of the German Schools in San José is responding to demand for practical instruction as a way to help students develop a lasting interest in scientific subjects.