Press releases | Education 21.01.2010

Siemens Stiftung offers Teaching Materials for Humanitarian Aid

Siemens Stiftung imparts knowledge from worldwide aid projects to schools in the form of teaching material – 31 media on the topic of humanitarian aid extend the range on the Siemens Stiftung’s media portal – material available for teaching staff in German and English – free download for teachers

Promoting exchange and passing on knowledge: it was under this motto that the experience of the Siemens Stiftung from its worldwide commitment to aid projects was channeled into teaching materials. On the Siemens Stiftung’s portal comprising over 1,800 individual media on different themes teaching staff can now find 31 hands-on, pedagogically prepared media on the topic of “Humanitarian Aid – Drinking Water Filters in Use”. These media deal with the special importance of safe drinking water supplies for the poorest countries in the world. The new media package is available in German and English and is ready for download for teaching staff free of charge.

The existence of water is a prerequisite for all life. Nevertheless, over 800 million people have only limited access to this precious resource; hundreds of thousands die every year from the results of contaminated drinking water. Populations in developing countries are primarily affected here. Rising global population and climate change will heighten this problem in future. Industrial nations, in particular, are called upon to counter this development. For instance, the Siemens Stiftung is committed to improving the drinking water situation in Africa and Asia through aid projects that donate water filters and fund the dissemination of hygiene information. The Siemens Stiftung also helps to improve drinking water supplies after severe natural disasters, like at present in Haiti, with donations and water filters.

“Already back in 2005 almost 5% of the global population suffered water shortages; by 2025 this figure is forecast by the UN to rise to as much as 37%. In isolated regions, in particular, the use of decentralized drinking water supply systems can bring about an improvement to living conditions,” explains Christine Weyrich, Project Manager at the Siemens Stiftung. “With its “Humanitarian Aid – Drinking Water Filters in Use” media package the Foundation passes on the knowledge it has gained in order to generate an awareness of the need to act already amongst young people.”

The 31 pedagogically and didactically prepared hands-on media help teaching staff to raise awareness amongst pupils about the challenge presented by the global scarcity of water. To do this several different topics in the teaching plan are covered: water as a limited resource, development aid (and, within this, “humanitarian aid”) and membrane technology based on the example of drinking water treatment. The materials – including graphs, photos, interactive info modules, specialist information, essay topics as well as a role play – can be used in lessons across all grade levels and subjects and are available in both German and English. A manual provides an overview of the content and teaching context of the media featured in the media package.

The Siemens Stiftung Media Portal
The Siemens Stiftung media portal currently offers over 1,800 teaching materials on science themes such as energy, water, the ear/hearing or light. In addition to technical content the media also cover social aspects and indicate points of contact with various other subjects.

In the media portal individual media like graphs, worksheets or audio files as well as thematically grouped media packages are available in both German and English. The material focuses on key facts about the latest technologies, current developments and trends and conveys basic knowledge. All media are accessible via a German and English user interface so that teaching staff worldwide can benefit from the range of materials on offer. After simple registration, with just a few mouse clicks teaching staff can carry out targeted searches for key words or pedagogical/didactical criteria like teaching subjects, learning resource types as well as grade levels and download the media direct via a collection basket function. The rights to the media are licensed for free use in lessons.

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Further information on the field of water and health within the Siemens Stiftung can be found at:

The Siemens Stiftung was founded in September 2008 as a charitable foundation constituted under civil law, headquartered in Munich and endowed by Siemens AG with foundation capital of Euro 390m. The Foundation thereby continues the company’s over 160-year tradition of social commitment. The task of the Siemens Stiftung is to find answers to global social challenges, highlight opportunities and provide aid for self-help in emergencies. In line with the Foundation’s mission the focus of its activities are social commitment, education, technology as well as arts and culture. The Siemens Stiftung’s work is largely operational, i.e. it mainly initiates its own projects and implements these.