News | Development Cooperation 27.09.2013

Rethinking Education – Results of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School

On September 26th, 35 participants of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School presented their business ideas for this year’s theme “Re-thinking Education.” After 10 days of intensive work, six international teams presented their ideas on innovative and sustainable education. Siemens Stiftung supports the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School, which is annually organized by Munich’s four universities and the Social Entrepreneurship Academy and accompanied by the event’s patron, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Bavarian State Minister Science, Research and the Arts. The Goethe Institute, represented by Dr. Bruno Gross, has sponsored the awards for the winning team.

In its work in the areas of Education and Basic Needs & Social Entrepreneurship, Siemens Stiftung realizes projects in Latin America, Africa and Europe. This work includes providing materials and methods for improving the quality of teaching science and also implementing training programs for social entrepreneurs to strengthen the entrepreneurial approach to development cooperation. We were particularly interested in the combination of entrepreneurship and education at this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summer School to encourage young people to develop new entrepreneurial approaches to educational work. 

“The dedication and professionalism of the participants truly impressed us. Within just a week, the participants developed new ideas for entrepreneurship in educational work, making an important contribution to the discussion on innovation in education and social entrepreneurship not only in Germany but worldwide,” said Siemens Stiftung Senior Project Manager Christine Weyrich, who is also a jury member of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School. “The commitment of young entrepreneurial people in this area is essential for social development. With its international partnerships, extensive network of students, mentors, and businesses, the Summer School offers an ideal environment not only to develop social business ideas but also to implement them. Several newly established social enterprises were originally conceived during the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School.


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