News | Development Cooperation 31.01.2014

IRENE I SEE – International Research Network on Social Economic Empowerment

Aline Wachner, student at Zeppelin University and stipend of IRENE I SEE, presents the second part of the survey among Social Businesses and Social Investors in Colombia, Kenya, Mexico and South Africa

Expert Talk
Research Day at Zeppelin University, 2014 January 31st

As part of the public Research Day at Zeppelin University, IRENE I SEE researchers who are supported by Siemens Stiftung gave a presentation on Understanding the Financing Demands of Social Enterprises and the Supply of Social Investments in Emerging Markets.

Dr. Lisa Hanley, a postdoc at Zeppelin University and research coordinator of IRENE I SEE, introduced the project as well as the background and methodology to a quantitative study of social enterprises and social investors in Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa that is currently in progress. Aline Wachner and Tim Weiss, both doctoral candidates supported by the IRENE | SEE project, introduced some preliminary insights of the survey. The presentation provided insights into business model innovation of social enterprises, financing streams, as well as the challenges social enterprises face in serving the Bottom of Pyramid.