Press releases | Education 01.09.2017

For good education with digital support: Forum Education Digitalisation is growing

Forum Bildung Digitalisierung
The members of the Forum Education Digitalisation e.V. are working together to better master pedagogical challenges with digital help.

Forum Education Digitalisation is growing. September 4 will see the addition of two new foundations to the group: The Dieter Schwarz Stiftung and the Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft will join a circle that currently consists of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Siemens Stiftung. All the partners and Stiftung Mercator as a supporter of the forum are working to ensure that discussions about education in a digitalized world are opportunity-oriented and focus on pedagogical benefits. The new foundations will join the group as part of the founding of the non-profit Forum Education Digitalisation e. V.

Education, science and innovation are crucial for the development and sustaintability of the country. The Dieter Schwarz Stiftung therefor centers on these three pillars and promotes liefelong learning. Current key projects of the foundation are the Bildungscampus (educational campus) in Heilbronn, on which the Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management (aim) is seated and the science center experimenta which is located close by.

“Socially responsible planning and action” is the guiding principle of the Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft, which is active in the areas of pedagogical architecture and inclusion. The foundation supports sustainable school renovation and construction projects through inclusive participatory processes, and promotes individualized learning with digital technology in inclusive, full-day educational institutions.

The goal of the Forum Education Digitalisation is to develop concepts in tandem with experts from educational practice, administration, politics and research to master pedagogical challenges better with digital support, and thus to contribute to strengthening our educational system and promoting participation and equal opportunity.

The foundation’s activities currently focus primarily on scholastic education. In its workshop, 38 schools from all over Germany are developing orientation aids for the development of schools in a digitalized world. They want to use their expertise and experience to contribute to the pedagogically sensible use of digital media, with one eye firmly on actual day-to-day needs in instructional environments and schools. Initial results of the workshop will be presented in Berlin from 23th till 24th of November. You will find more information about the workshop and the forum at