News | Education 23.10.2013

Experimento strengthens discovery-based learning in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Participants in the Experimento workshop at the new Science Competence Center in Mthatha, South Africa, try out discovery-based learning.

The fourth Science Competence Center in South Africa has been launched in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. Teachers can undergo extensive further training there to familiarize themselves with the concept of Experimento, the Siemens Stiftung’s international program aimed at strengthening scientific education. The cooperation partner in this is the Faculty of Education of Walter Sisulu University.

Just under 40 educators took part in the three-day workshop at the beginning of October. The speakers communicated the idea of discovery-based learning in a practical manner. Apart from conducting experiments, implementing the methodology in teaching was a particular focus of the agenda. These methodological tools in particular were greatly welcomed by the participants.

They will help educators in the Eastern Cape in their mission to teach and convey sciences in a vivid way. The workshop’s participants apart from teachers included teachers-in-training, lecturers from the Walter Sisulu University and supervisors of scientific subjects. The heterogeneous composition of the participants ensures that a broad and sustainable base is created for Experimento. Experimento aims to lastingly improve the quality of teaching – a particular challenge in rural regions where there are 60 and more children to a class.

The next workshop in Mthatha is scheduled for mid-January 2014.