News | Education 09.04.2010

Discovery Box successfully used in Hungary: Kindergarten and primary school children experience natural phenomena in a playful approach

Promoting scientific education at an early age is an important goal of the Siemens Stiftung. As part of 500 Discovery Boxes being donated to kindergartens and preschools in Southeast Europe, Hungarian institutions have now also received the high-quality experiment kits treating the topics of energy, electricity, environment and health. Every Discovery Box contains materials that let teachers conduct 22 scientific experiments together with children.

Supported by the Siemens regional company in Hungary, 38 kindergartens and primary schools in Budapest and the surrounding areas were picked as recipients for the Boxes. Half a year after having used the experiment kits for the first time, teachers now report how playful experiments with the Discovery Box have enhanced kindergarten and school days. In Hungary particularly, suitable materials for an early promotion of a natural hunger for learning and an inquisitive mind are often lacking. The children were also very creative when using the Box. Students even brought small things from home to use them in experiments, as a teacher comments.

The positive response to the introduction of Discovery Boxes in Hungary has provided confirmation to the Siemens Stiftung that expanding its education efforts in Southeast Europe is well received. To lastingly support young people from this region in developing scientific skills, the Stiftung will soon donate further Boxes in Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. Scientific skills are especially important for meeting the challenges of the present and the future.