Press release | Education | 6. June 2016

New range of digital learning materials available to STEM teachers in Upper Austria

The non-profit Education Group GmbH (EduGroup) and Siemens Stiftung are cooperating in providing science and technology teaching materials. Teachers in Upper Austria can now additionally access around 5,500 quality-controlled media from Siemens Stiftung’s media portal on their accustomed platform EduGroup and download them free of charge at

Networking made easy: Digitalization and the use of standards for exchanging media create the technological basis for pooling teaching materials from different providers and enabling them to be retrieved. The cooperation with EduGroup is for Siemens Stiftung a further milestone on the road to networking its educational platform and so in this case providing STEM teachers in Upper Austria with a larger choice of quality-controlled content to make lessons more varied.

“We’re delighted at the greater range of teaching materials we can offer our teachers thanks to integration of the media portal,” says Peter Eiselmair, Managing Director of EduGroup. “We also offer a very convenient solution based on cutting-edge technology, one where teachers do not have to leave their familiar educational platform EduGroup to retrieve and download Siemens Stiftung’s materials.”

Around 5,500 media from the media portal, such as interactive whiteboard content, worksheets or instructions for experiments, give a fresh impetus to teaching scientific and technical subjects and support teachers at all types of school in providing skills-based, vivid instruction. Many media are available as open educational resources (OER) and can be downloaded, modified, disseminated and republished without the need to register. The media are suitable for all age groups, are geared toward the curriculum and are available to download for free in German, English and Spanish.

“As many educational experts as possible are to be given access to our quality-controlled materials,” states Maria Schumm-Tschauder, Project Manager of the media portal at Siemens Stiftung. “Digitalization and networking with other platforms, such as EduGroup’s media platform, make that possible. However, we go a step further and are increasingly providing teachers with open-license media so that they can adapt them to their teaching needs and personalize the learning experience.”

You can go to the media portal here: (guest access as “Press”)

About the EduGroup
Education Group GmbH (EduGroup) is the leading center in Upper Austria’s educational landscape and creates solutions for social and pedagogical requirements. Operating at the interface between educational science, technology and media, it identifies trends and drives innovation. As a key provider of Internet services and teaching materials, it implements forward-looking projects in the education arena in Upper Austria.

EduGroup supports educationalists in Upper Austria in preparing and designing their lessons. It provides the necessary infrastructure, such as Internet and mail services, introduces state-of-the-art media into classrooms, and trains teachers in how to use them ideally. Its educational offerings and extensive services are aimed not only at schools and preschools, but in particular at teachers, pupils and their parents.
Together with dedicated teachers, the federal state of Upper Austria, and many partners from business, science and education, EduGroup helps enhance the development of the education system in Upper Austria.

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