News | Culture | 21. February 2022

LA ESCUELA___: Art platform for radical learning

Art as education and education as art: LA ESCUELA___ is a new hybrid art school opening in February 2022. Using a dedicated online platform and art campaigns in Latin American cities, co-creative spaces for experimental, experiential learning through the production of art are being created.

Over two semesters each year, LA ESCUELA___ makes learning spaces available free to all interested parties, with a focus on the visual arts, performing arts, performance, and architecture. LA ESCUELA___, Spanish for “The School”, has a hybrid structure: Online, there are labs, lectures, and discussions to address social, political, and environmental issues at the crossroads of art and education. A growing online platform with essays on experimental artistic and pedagogical practices in Latin America is also being created. In physical formats, artists, students, and local communities come together in the public sphere to generate new knowledge with participatory art events. LA ESCUELA___ perceives itself as a platform for radical learning, away from institutional walls, closely linked with social realities.

Discover the online platform and learn more about the program:

LA ESCUELA___ is an initiative of Siemens Stiftung and the artist and architect Miguel Braceli. A core element of the project is the cooperation with a large number of international artists, such as Cecilia Vicuña, Luis Camnitzer, Ricardo Basbaum, Mónica Mayer, Felipe Rivas San Martín, Nicolás Paris, Patricia Domínguez, Andrés Pereira Paz, Laura Anderson Barbata, Esvin Alarcón, José Carlos Martinat, and many others. The program for the first semester was developed jointly with guest scholars Mônica Hoff and Renata Cervetto.

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