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News | Development Cooperation | 1. March 2021
Applications open for Siemens Stiftung E-Mobility Innovation Call 2021: “Electric Mobility Made in Africa for Africa”
Siemens Stiftung is launching its first open, competitive E-Mobility Innovation Call “Electric Mobility Made in Africa for Africa,” which emphasizes innovative technical solutions and circular economy approaches. The pre-seed funding is intended to jump start visionary African entrepreneurs, start-ups, and social ventures
News | Development Cooperation | 18. December 2020
Environmental Impact of E-Mobility in the Lake Victoria Region: New study examines potential of environmental benefits
The study “Environmental Impact of E-Mobility in the Lake Victoria Region” reports on the environmental advantages of implementing e-mobility in the Lake Victoria region. The largest benefit is the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Press release | Development Cooperation | 3. November 2020
According to a new Siemens Stiftung study, social enterprises are expected to create much needed jobs in Africa
Findings from a new Siemens Stiftung study show that social enterprises play an important role in the African labor market. Up to one million new jobs could be created by 2030.
Press release | Development Cooperation | 8. July 2020
E-Mobility Solutions for Rural Sub-Saharan Africa – Siemens Stiftung publishes its first booklet
“E-Mobility Solutions for Rural Sub-Saharan Africa” provides insights into the immense potential of Africa’s electric mobility sector for sustainable societal end economic development.
News | Development Cooperation | 29. June 2020
Digital solutions can help social enterprises access financing – the latest report from the empowering people. Network.
The report, “How Digital Solutions May Enhance Social Financing,” provides analysis and expert commentary on the current financing situation for social enterprises in addition to potential digital solutions.
News | Development Cooperation, Education | 20. March 2020
World Water Day 2020: Our contribution to water and climate protection
The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “water and climate change.” A rundown of our efforts in this area to drive sustainable development around the world.
News | Development Cooperation | 12. March 2020
New financing models for electric mobility in Africa
The international consortium “Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030” (P4G) supports Siemens Stiftung and its partners in implementing electric mobility with startup collaborations in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Press release | Development Cooperation | 21. November 2019
E-mobility action platform launched in rural Africa
When it comes to creating an environmentally-friendly future in the transportation sector in Africa, e-mobility represents several promising opportunities. A group of experts at a conference on innovation and investment in the Western Kenyan city of Kisumu found that the continent’s rural regions stand to benefit the most from new, attractive jobs in the e-mobility Read More...
Press release | Development Cooperation | 7. October 2019
Diversified Sources of Capital and Investor Matchmaking are Key Success Factors for Social Enterprises in Development Work
A new report, ‘Innovative Financing for Social Entrepreneurs’, released today by Siemens Stiftung, shines a spotlight on imperative solutions for social development’s biggest hurdle: financing. As it stands today, social entrepreneurs working in development have trouble scaling their businesses because of obstacles in accessing tailor-made capital and in finding the “right” investors. The report is Read More...
News | Development Cooperation | 30. August 2019
Safe Water Enterprise sells one millionth liter of clean drinking water in Wath Onger, Kenya
Around the world, three out of ten people do not have access to clean drinking water. Half of these people are in Africa south of the Sahara. The Migori region in western Kenya is one of the regions that lack clean drinking water. But for the last six months, a Siemens Stiftung water kiosk has Read More...
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