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Press release | Culture | 27. April 2021
Art without a place: The SITIO INESPECIFICO platform creates artistic encounters in digital spaces
Since 26 April 2021, Latin American artists present digital works that create artistic encounters beyond physical spaces on the SITIO INESPECIFICO online platform. With drawings, sound, and poetry, the platform reflects on how cohabitation has changed amid pandemic lockdowns.
News | Culture | 18. March 2021
CHANGING PLACES/ESPACIOS REVELADOS in Lima: next round of digital dialogs
What is the role of art and culture in public places – during the pandemic and beyond? CHANGING PLACES / ESPACIOS REVELADOS, a series of digital dialogs in Lima, provides culture enthusiasts and the city’s residents space to explore this question.
Press release | Culture | 25. February 2021
Music In Africa Live: Digital expertise for the African music sector
“Music In Africa Live” provides African musicians with digital expertise for producing live online concerts during the COVID-19 pandemic and for adapting to a rapidly-changing music sector.
Press release | Culture | 4. June 2020
Music In Africa: Report of the financial impact of Covid-19 on the African music sector
A report from the Music In Africa Foundation describes the financial impact of the pandemic on African musicians and provides concrete assistance and recommendations from industry experts in Africa.
News | Culture | 14. May 2020
Journal Rappé at the Munich Biennale
Senegalese hip-hop stars Keyti & Xuman present ten episodes of rapped news and features in “Journal Rappé.” The project receives support from Music In Africa, Goethe-Institut, and Siemens Stiftung.
Press release | Culture | 13. February 2020
Tracing the footprints of failed modernity in Guadalajara 2019/20
The ESPACIOS REVELADOS / CHANGING PLACES culture project is a critical examination of urban vacancy through art projects and public discussions.
Press release | Culture | 31. October 2019
ACCES 2019: Akon as one of the leading speakers
From 28-30 November, the Music In Africa Conference For Collaboration, Exchange And Showcases (ACCES 2019) brings together music experts from more than 50 countries to discuss challenges facing the music business, discover emerging musicians, and increase global recognition of African music. This year’s edition of Africa’s largest music conference is in Accra, Ghana. One of Read More...
News | Culture | 8. July 2019
Music In Africa Conference ACCES 2019 in Ghana: Register now!
This year’s Music In Africa Conference For Collaboration, Exchange And Showcases (ACCES), features more than 80 music professionals and numerous African artists. Registration for the annual conference, which will be held from 28-30 November in Accra, Ghana, is now open. With more than 1,500 attendees, ACCES is the most important music conference on the continent. Read More...
Press release | Culture | 16. November 2018
Highlighting social cohesion in cities: CHANGING PLACES / ESPACIOS REVELADOS 2018 in Colombia
Cultural project CHANGING PLACES / ESPACIOS REVELADOS from November 23 through December 1, 2018, in Bucaramanga, Colombia. How does a city meet the challenges of living together under the pressure of change? How does a sense of belonging arise in urban space? And what role will art play in this process? As part of the Read More...
News | Culture | 7. November 2018
Pan-African music conference “ACCES” in Nairobi
Musicians, festival promoters, producers, and journalists from more than 40 countries will attend the Music In Africa Conference For Collaboration, Exchange And Showcases (ACCES 2018) from 15-17 November 2018, in Nairobi, Kenya. In workshops, discussions, presentations, and networking sessions, Africa’s music sector will address topics including royalities, music streaming, distribution models, and new technology. Speakers Read More...
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