Background Stories & Interviews

There are plenty of people around the world with the courage to try something new and turn ideas for a better future into reality. Here you’ll hear from our project cooperation partners, network members, and participants in addition to experts in fields that motivate us and make a difference in society.

Background story | Development Cooperation | 26. October 2021
E-Mobility Innovation Call 2021: Five African innovations for greener mobility
Innovative, sustainable and social: Get to know the winning solutions of the E-Mobility Innovation Award 2021 of Siemens Stiftung.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 30. March 2020
Full speed ahead! – One year of WeTu in Kenya
Our social enterprise, WeTu, is celebrating its one-year anniversary in Kenya. What challenges did the company face when it was founded? What has been accomplished so far? What is next in the water, energy, and e-mobility segments?
Interview | Development Cooperation | 28. August 2019
Constant dripping wears the stone
Max Steiner’s work focuses on providing support for the disadvantaged. In Bolivia, he’s spreading the concept of OneDollarGlasses.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 21. May 2019
Driving development with e-mobility
Innovative mobility solutions for rural regions of Africa. Rolf Huber discusses the potential of e-mobility and the approach taken by WeTu, Siemens Stiftung's social enterprise.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 3. May 2019
Clean drinking water despite drought
The fear of new droughts in Kenya is very real. Tilmann Straub explains how technological solutions help address the problem.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 28. March 2019
Better living conditions for Kenya
The social enterprise WeTu has set out to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people living in rural areas around Lake Victoria. Managing Director Rolf Huber tells us how it all began.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 12. November 2018
Stories about us: Storytelling for social entrepreneurs
Storytelling in a business setting? Barbara Börner introduces “Stories about us,” a tool that helps social enterprises with organizational development.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 10. September 2018
Start-ups with a future in Ghana
William Senyo, CEO of the Impact Hub Accra at the heart of the West African start-up scene, speaks with us about the culture of innovation in Ghana and the “African Seed” initiative.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 19. April 2018
One pair of glasses – endless possibilities
A pair of glasses can change everything. But in Burkina Faso, many people are unable to afford them. OneDollarGlasses and Siemens Stiftung are looking to change that. Our colleague, Christine Meinhardt, explains how.
Interview | Development Cooperation | 10. January 2018
Finding the right technical solutions for the challenge
There are technology solutions for most development challenges, but how do we find the solution best-suited for each place? Managing Director Rolf Huber explains current challenges in development cooperation.