Call for R&D in E-Mobility: Testing and piloting sustainable transport in Ghana and Uganda.


Siemens Stiftung launches a new call for research and development (R&D) to validate and implement products and business models in the e-mobility sector. The call is open for enterprises operative in the e-mobility value chain in Ghana and Uganda (or related sectors relevant to e-mobility). 3-5 enterprises with a product or service in the e-mobility sector in the two countries will conduct R&D projects for 12 months to develop effective market-based solutions and increase the social and ecological impact of e-mobility. The candidates will support Siemens Stiftungs e-mobility program in getting insights on one (or more) of the following topics by conducting field-based R&D:  

  1. Market Gaps:
    Development of a markettested solution (product, service, business model) from the battery, charging/swapping or vehicle and technology value chain (or related value chains relevant to the e-mobility sector) that is filling a gap in the e-mobility sector. 
  2. Social and Ecological Impact:
    Design of a product, service, or business model from the battery, charging/swapping or vehicle and technology value chain (or related value chains relevant to the e-mobility sector) to increase the social and ecological impact.
  3. Ecosystem Services: Development and piloting of relevant “support structures” (e.g., Hubs, Labs, recycling industry, financing) that are essential for the scaling and uptake of e-mobility solutions.
  • Registered and operative in Ghana or Uganda 
  • Market experience in Ghana or Uganda 
  • A market-tested prototype which attracted first users and clients 
  • Demonstrate the social and/or ecological impact 
  • Operative in the battery, charging/swapping or electric vehicle and technology value chain 
  • No pending litigations against the enterprise or its management team 

Female-led enterprises, enterprises with female founders, and enterprises addressing specific gender challenges are encouraged to apply. The foundation conducts a feasibility and eligibility check of all applications. In case your proposal addresses essential market gaps, develops the social and/or ecological impact of an innovative solution, or researches a relevant ecosystem service, Siemens Stiftung will get in contact with you and schedule an interview. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to elaborate and finalize their R&D projects (including a project plan, milestones, and timeline). The winning candidates will be selected after a round of final interviews. 

Siemens Stiftung will not work with entities that are:

  • Subsidizing commercial projects  
  • Looking for refinancing opportunities on debt or other liabilities 
  • Companies that currently have an active contract with Siemens Stiftung 
  • Expecting to receive an unrestricted grant

Selected applicants will receive:

  • Selected applicants will receive a service contract value of min. USD 30,000 and up to USD 75,000 for max. 12 months (project durations of 15 months are possible, but need to be justified in detail),
  • Joint applications of more than one company focusing on two or more solutions (product/service/business model) are eligible; such candidates can apply for up to USD 110,000 for a duration of max. 18 months.

The selected applicants are expected to deliver a report demonstrating the applied research methodology, results, financial sustainability of the tested solution, and main learnings from the R&D project (Any potentially sensitive data or intellectual property rights can be considered during the contracting process) latest by 3 months after the end of the project.  

Interested candidates are asked to submit the following documents using their own format:

  • Project idea for an R&D project (problem/challenge, proposed methodology, financial sustainability strategy, and expected project outcome);
    (no longer than 2 pages in Word or 8 slides in PowerPoint)
  • Brief budget (staff, material, and other costs) and expected project duration  
  • Proof of an available prototype
    (including photos, protocols, or certification of local registration)
  • Proof for initial users and clients
    (e.g. financial statement of the previous 12 months) 
  • Registration certificate 
  • Shareholder information
  • CVs of the R&D team.

Application Process …

Siemens Stiftung offers you the opportunity to discuss your R&D project idea in an individual session before your final submission.

Please reach out to to schedule an indiuval session with the e-mobility team.

The call opens on April 17, 2023, and applications will be accepted until August 30, 2024, or until suitable candidates are contracted.

Siemens Stiftung will conduct a Q&A session on June 27, 2023 at 13:00 CET. Join the session to learn more about the call.

If, at any stage of the application or evaluation process, the applicant considers that a mistake has been made, the evaluators have acted unfairly or failed to comply with the rules, and the applicant´s interests have been prejudiced as a result, the following complaint mechanism is available. A complaint should be drawn up in English and submitted by email to Please add “Complaint R&D in E-Mobility” to the subject of the email and include:  

  • Contact details
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Information and evidence regarding the alleged breach

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