The Little Scientists’ House promotes children’s natural spirit of research.

The initiative “Little Scientists’ House” was launched in 2006 - true to the motto “early practice makes perfect.” Through the initiative, educational experts help children encounter scientific, mathematical, and technical issues in everyday situations. The educators receive training, information materials and ideas through its local networks. More than 20,000 preschools, day care centers and primary schools already benefit from the educational initiative’s offers; more than 3,700 facilities have a Little Scientists’ House certification.

Siemens Stiftung is a founding member of the educational initiative. With its commitment, the foundation aims to help expand child-friendly access to phenomena and interrelationships from the realm of science and technology and sustainably improve the educational opportunities of children in these areas.

As part of the research into the impact of early science education, Siemens Stiftung together with the Little Scientists’ House and the Baden-Württemberg Foundation supports the EASI Science-L study on linguistic educational impact and interactive quality.