News | Education | 13 February 2023

“Teaching Spirit 2.0” promotes understanding of science in natural sciences teaching

The participants of "Teaching Spirit 2.0" develop materials for STEM lessons based on current scientific results.
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The “Nobel Laureate Meetings” are held annually in Lindau on a previously defined topic. A part of the agenda is the “Mission Education” which aims to broadly emphasizing the importance of the knowledge society. As part of this outreach activity, a media library of conference material will be compiled that can be linked to the school curriculum. Furthermore, selected teachers can participate in the conference and meet the award winners as part of the program “Teaching Spirit – Teachers at the Lindau Conferences”.

Over the years, teachers have had the opportunity to discuss the issue of science and education with experts in a teacher training program. The “Teaching Spirit 2.0” project is a continuation of the “Mission Education” and the previous activities for STEM teachers at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

The project is aimed at STEM teachers, STEM teaching training students, and students. It includes the following offerings:

  • Together, STEM teachers develop teaching and learning materials based on the content of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Conference. Subsequently, the materials will be made available as OER (Open Educational Resources). 
  • The materials will be tested directly in student labs and teaching-learning labs. 
  • STEM teachers will receive an advanced training seminar on the importance of the knowledge society based on the content provided.

“Teaching Spirit 2.0” is a collaboration project of chemistry didactics at the University of Tübingen (Prof. Schwarzer), biology didactics at the University of Giessen (Prof. Kremer), Vector Stiftung with funding from Siemens Stiftung.

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