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Commitment and impact: PHINEO analysis of STEM projects now underway

The PHINEO analysis enables charitable organizations to evaluate the impact of their STEM projects free of charge.
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Due to its great importance for individual development, social participation and career perspectives, numerous initiatives throughout Germany are involved in providing specific offerings designed to promote an effective STEM education. The question whether or not these will have a lasting impact and achieve the desired effects is of equal interest for supporters, initiators and target groups involved in STEM projects.


PHINEO, the independent, non-profit analysis and consulting firm, is looking for effective projects that are committed to the promotion of STEM education. Charitable organizations, whose offerings strengthen STEM skills in the form of basic education for everyone, ignite the spirit of discovery, in addition to opening opportunities in the STEM field for underrepresented groups, are invited to apply from September 5 through October 15, 2016. In an analysis procedure consisting of several steps, PHINEO will examine whether or not the desired impact has been achieved. The goal is to present this commitment to a broader public and offer orientation for benefactors selecting potential organizations worthy of support.


The foundation Siemens Stiftung is promoting the analysis under the patronage of the national STEM Forum: “A truly impressive amount of initiatives are involved in promoting a successful STEM education through their ambitious projects. Establishing whether the resources used and the services offered are having an impact, strengthens the overall conviction regarding individual actions and the successful further development thereof,” explains Dr. Nathalie von Siemens, Managing Director and Speaker of the Siemens Stiftung as well as spokesperson of the national STEM Forum.

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