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Network-independent solar energy supply

WePower verleiht entwickelte Solar-Laternen an Fischer. Die Laternen bietet eine alternative, umweltfreundliche Energiequelle.

Fishing lanterns for use on Lake Victoria were specifically developed for WeTu. They are very durable, and their lithium-ion batteries replace lead batteries that often go overboard in stormy weather and land on the bottom of the lake – with negative environmental consequences. The NIWA and Windsor lanterns can be charged at each WeTu site and are easily transportable. With 12 hours of light and a lifespan of up to 500 charging cycles, the lanterns are considered quite durable and sustainable.

Mobile GreenPack batteries can also be rented at WeTu hubs for use in e-mobility vehicles or as a source of power for small workshops or businesses.

Project manager WeTu Kenya
Tilmann Straub

+49 89 540487 318


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