Creating opportunities for social dialogue

Artists offer new perspectives on community. We want to use this creative energy for social dialogue.
With our cultural platforms in Latin America and Africa, we initiate dialogue and knowledge transfer across borders.
Networking cultural agents across the continent creates structures that strengthen local and regional scenes.
Globalization and digitalization offer opportunities for greater cultural exchange.
Performing artists and musicians can train in academies and workshops and enhance their professional potential.
Events and platforms raise awareness of innovative productions among the general public and create experimential spaces.

We regard arts and culture as a crucial key to mutual understanding in a society. Particularly in times of tremendous change, artistic work sharpens our perception of social trends and provides a clearer sense of how we relate to one another. To unlock this potential, we initiate academies, events and platforms in the areas of music and performing arts that foster a debate on social cohesion. Cross-border dialogue and knowledge transfer initiatives create structures for artists where cultural work can develop freely. Uniquely inspiring artistic works emerge, allowing for a new perspective on our present times

Overview of all Culture projects

Our cultural projects focus on the performing arts (Latin America) and music (Africa).

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