Nota de prensa | Educación 26.03.2012

Siemens Stiftung honors the winners of the 2012 Student Competition

In the Siemens Stiftung Student Competition in Math, Science and Technology, Tobias Pickert and Marc Strohmann of the secondary school Gymnasium Petrinum Recklinghausen won first place, along with a monetary prize of EUR 20,000, for their project “Environmentally friendly use of urine to produce phosphate fertilizer in a resource-efficient manner”. The second-place and third-place prizes went to student teams from Tutzing and Aachen, respectively; and a special prize was awarded to a student from a secondary school in Bad Muenstereifel. For this year’s competition, students were asked to submit project ideas related to the topic “Climate of excellence – new ideas for environmental and climate protection.” The honorary guest at the awards ceremony held on today’s date was Dr. Matthias Mann, recipient of the Leibniz Award 2012.

Tobias Pickert and Marc Strohmann (1st place, EUR 20,000) shared the winner’s podium with Max Burggraf of the secondary school Gymnasium Tutzing (2nd place, EUR 15,000 for “Chasing the sun – Building sun tracking systems”) and with Christian Rinkens of the Inda Gymnasium secondary school in Aa-chen (3rd place, EUR 10,000 for “Building a pumped-storage power plant at the Hambach coal mine”). Paulina Banszerus of the St. Michael Gymnasium secondary school in Bad Muenstereifel was awarded a special prize (EUR 10,000) for her project “More Waste for the Environment!”

S.D. Georg Fuerst Starhemberg, member of the Siemens Stiftung Board of Trustees, presented the awards at the awards ceremony. The monetary prizes may only be used for college education purposes. The mentoring teachers were also honored for their departments. In total, monetary prizes of approxi-mately EUR 100,000 were awarded.

“Through their work, these young people have made a concrete contri-bution to improving environmental and climate protection, and in so doing, they have demonstrated social responsibility,” said Georg Bernwieser, member of the Siemens Stiftung Board of Directors. Dr. Barbara Filtzinger, head of Strategy and Programs, emphasized: “It is very important to us that high school students continue to develop their talents by choosing to study scientific and technical subjects in college. That is why we offer them and their fellow contestants the chance to remain in contact with us and the partner universities through our alumni network.”

Dr. Matthias Mann expressed his respectful appreciation of the students’ innovative work on scientific topics and their highly motivated approach. After all, promoting research on all levels, both great and small, is a necessary prerequi-site for educating highly qualified scientists.

In 2013, the Siemens Stiftung will once again seek out talented young people, this time on the subject of: “City-Country-River: Planning for the future is a necessity!”

About the student competition
The annual Siemens Stiftung student competition in math, science and technology is open to upper-level secondary school students in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and at German schools elsewhere in Europe. The competition gives the young students an opportunity to become actively involved in current social policy challenges. The Siemens Stiftung has partnered with the esteemed universities RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin and TU Munich to ensure the scientific quality of project submissions. Another key concern is that the partici-pants receive long-term support. The Siemens Stiftung helps the talented young students define their own future through earmarked prize money, infor-mation seminars at the partner universities and tutors who provide individual college counseling. As of 2011, the Siemens Stiftung student competition is also a member of Germany’s National Consortium of Student Competitions (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der bundesweiten Schülerwettbewerbe).

The jurors of this year’s student competition were Prof. Dr. Armin Schnettler (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Dr. André Bardow (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle (RWTH Aachen) Prof. Dr. Frank Behrendt (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Susanne Rotter (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Dr. Martina Schaefer (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge (TU Muenchen), Prof. Dr. Claudia Nerdel (TU Muenchen), Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schreiber (TU Muenchen), Dr. Jeanne Rubner (Bayerischer Rundfunk).

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