• Das „Colectivo Traficantes“
    “Colectivo Traficantes” works from the cultural center “Matadero” with artists from Madrid. From July 18-21, they will present a program with artistic activities, installations, and a performative conference.

Terreno Común I Common Ground provides a workspace in Europe for Latin American artists. The goal is to shift or confront perspectives and create new ideas. Given the many ways culture can be understood, the project focuses on finding “Common Ground”.

Artistic research in a transcultural space

If the great thing about art is its ability to help discover what we do not know and what we do not understand, then opportunities for interaction are essential – particularly in the cross-cultural space. Art provides a testing ground where different perceptions, discourse, and social structures can come together, leading the way to new knowledge. For this reason, the Siemens Stiftung has worked with Naves Matadero – Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas and Residencias | Centro de Apoyo a la Creación de Matadero Madrid on an initiative that creates a professional creative space for artistic research and development. In incorporates residencies, urban interventions, interaction with local artists and scenes, and the presentation of project ideas and works.

Kickoff with Latin American research project “Colectivo Traficantes”

The first professional workspace is being run by “Colectivo Traficantes”, a group of artists from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, and Uruguay which formed during Experimenta Sur 2016 in Bogotá. As a multi-disciplinary collective, the group develops its artistic works using communication tools such as Skype, handwritten letters, or by mailing objects. Every day, countless objects move in some way around the globe - as traded goods, on computer screens, or among the personal belongings of migrants. By following the movement of these objects, there is a lot to learn about the adaptability of societies. The collective's research project examines the complex ties between personal and political realities to give new meaning to trade and communication. The project is called “Correspondencia,” a work-in-progress that combines various actions and pieces with the aim of creating an affective network. The pilot project runs from June 25 until July 24, 2017.

Colectivo Traficantes:

-        Mercedes Halfon (Argentina)

-        Laura Liz Gil Echenique (Cuba)

-        Adriana Bermúdez Fernández (Colombia)

-        Diego Alejandro Garzón (Colombia)

-        Jorge Tadeo Baldeón (Perú)

-        Leonor Courtoisie (Uruguay)

Public presentation:
July 18-21, 2017, Sala de Hormigón – Max Aub, Matadero Madrid

  • For the “Correspondencia” project, an artists collective writes letters to unknown recipients - stories of everyday observation, political commentary, and societal themes.