• At the „Ecole-Pissy“ school on the outskirts of Ougadougou the pupils are being tested for defective vision. The glasses are produced right on the spot.
    © Siemens Stiftung, Photographer: Isabella Bilger
  • The Plus Optix device analyses in only a few seconds a debility of sight.
    © Siemens Stiftung, Photographer: Isabella Bilger
  • A pair of glasses can change everything. Thanks to OneDollarGlasses more inhabitants of Burkina Faso can afford spectacles.
    © Siemens Stiftung, Photographer: Isabella Bilger
Working Area:
Development Cooperation
Burkina Faso
Christine Meinhardt has visited the project on site.

A pair of glasses – endless opportunities

A pair of glasses can be a life changer. Around 800 Dollars per year is the economic value of a pair of glasses estimates the WHO. Yet many people in developing countries cannot afford them. This is where the OneDollarGlasses Association, winner of the first empowering people. Award 2013 steps in.

The OneDollarGlasses Association manufactures affordable glasses for developing countries, and has to date produced and distributed more than 100,000 pairs of glasses worldwide. Since 2015 Siemens Stiftung is supporting OneDollarGlasses financially in a three year project partnership in an effort to provide access to glasses for the small-town and rural population of Burkina Faso.

Christine Meinhardt is project manager in the development cooperation team of Siemens Stiftung and has visited the OneDollarGlasses team on site. In an interview she speaks about the reasons why an above average number of people in Burkina Faso struggle with eye disorders and yet the establishment of a fair and yet sustainable business based on glasses in the Western African country is a challenge.

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