OneDollarGlasses shops in Kaya and Tenkodogo
Shops have been opened in Kaya in the Centre-Nord region and in the Centre-Est region’s Tenkodogo. Representatives start from each site and visit the surrounding villages.

Building a strong local team: Early results

After conducting a market analysis, the sales points in the capital Ouagadougou were supplemented by additional locations in Kaya and Tenkodogo. Prior to the opening of the new shops, 20 new employees took part in a three-week optometry training session based on OneDollarGlasses’ own concept, “Best Spherical Correction.”

To sell the glasses in the surrounding regions, six motorcycles and four autos were purchased to conduct “outreaches” to the people there. The initial test sales were evaluated, and various distribution methods and marketing strategies tested. Word-of-mouth and fliers have proven to be the most effective forms of marketing, with social media such as Facebook or Twitter also playing an increasing role. Around 500 glasses have already been sold in both shops.

The results (partially cited here) of the first customer survey show people are taking to the new product:

77% are able to enjoy leisure activities more
80% are more productive at work
24% now work in a job that would not be possible without glasses

The next step is to further optimize business and logistics processes so the task of running the shops can fall completely to the local team. From now on, “outreaches” are to take place in regular intervals to achieve comprehensive coverage.