Gründung der Music in Africa Foundation am 26. Juli 2013 in Nairobi, Kenia

Striking a chord together: Motivation and the role of Siemens Stiftung

Music moves us – both emotionally, and as members of society. Musicians have the ability to reflect upon changes and new developments in society, to address social grievances, and to unleash creative power for solidarity - more important now than ever before. With our initiative, Music In Africa, we want to create structures for musicians who want to both work professionally and also shoulder some of the responsibility in their communities.

Music occupies a very special place in Africa. Until now, however, there has been a lack of resources for preserving music and exchanging experiences, and not enough places for artists to promote their work. This is where we want to use Music In Africa and the opportunities of digitalization to strengthen the creative industry in Africa. Thus, music opens a dialog that transcends cultural borders, strengthening local identities and enabling mutual understanding.

In cooperation with Goethe-Institut, we initiated the Music In Africa project in 2011. With the establishment of the Music In Africa Foundation in 2013 a long-term regional structure was developed. Since then, we are supporting the organizational set up and providing support for further development of Music In Africa. We provide financial support in addition to promoting the platform around the globe. Jens Cording, head of music projects at Siemens Stiftung, is a member of the foundation’s advisory board.