goes online in autumn 2014. has been online since late 2014.

Music occupies a special place in Africa. It is not only part of traditional culture, but also a potentially commercial activity. However, there are very limited resources for preserving music and enabling professional musicians to share experiences or promote their work. Music In Africa invites people to learn about and appreciate music from across the continent. The project aims to increase public awareness of the African music sector and build networks.

Its objective is to create a web-based music information platform – – and turn this site into the leading source of information about music-making on the African continent. In doing so, we want to help promote and preserve the diverse music sector in Africa and contribute to a vibrant civil society.

What the online platform has to offer

While Internet-based music platforms already exist in numerous countries, this website offers something new. It focuses not just on documentation and information, but also offers an up-to-date magazine and further education and networking opportunities:

  • Information on people and organizations in the music sector offers quality assured information on institutions and associations, training and continuing education, archives, media and music portals, funding and cultural policy. This enables users to find basic information on the continent’s music scenes. The focus is on the latest trends in contemporary African music, with prominent coverage given to the diverse regional scenes.

  • Magazine

    Announcements, concerts, and CD reviews and gig calendars provide an up-to-date overview of musical life in different cities, countries and regions.

  • Training and continuing education

    The site is successively producing and publishing contributions on legal issues, cultural management, the technical implementation of projects, training and continuing education. The portal is also being established as an educational resource, with the Global Music Academy's campus model playing an important role.

  • Networking opportunities

    The platform makes a contribution to improving collaboration between artists at an international level and enhancing awareness of Africa’s music scenes across the continent and around the world. Diverse areas of the site encourage users to make their own contribution.

  • Additional service modules

    To ensure that the platform can continue for many years to come, it will also offer service modules to assist the long-term funding of the project.

Cooperation with local partners and experts

Music In Africa is an initiative of Siemens Stiftung and the Goethe-Institut together with partners from all over Africa. Collaboration with local partners and experts is a fundamental aspect of the platform. This ensures communication across genres and national boundaries, and establishes a sustainable structure. A competent, diverse team of professionals from the African music sector is involved in building it. The birth of the Music In Africa Foundation in July 2013 created an institution to support this pan-African project.