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Portal Growth

The musicinafrica.net website went online in November 2014. Since then, the portal has demonstrated constant user growth (as of October 2017):

155,000 unique users per month
13,500 registered artists and institutions
35,000 songs available for streaming

Information on 35 African countries is already available online. By 2022, information on all 54 African countries will be available.

Expansion to conflict regions

A special, two-year project called Music In Africa Connects focuses particularly on conflict regions in Chad, Mali, Northern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan. In collaboration with the German Foreign Office, the Music In Africa Foundation started the project for 2017/2018.

The project emphasizes:

·         Training and upskilling
·         Artist exchange
·         Research
·         Talent discovery

More on Music In Africa Connects

Working towards self-sufficiency

To achieve long-term sustainability the Music In Africa Foundation runs different offline projects based on fundraising models. The Foundation’s strategic plan for the next three years places key focus on diversifying its existing funding base by getting more partners and donors involved.

Current Partners

The website serves as a central meeting place for anyone interested in African music and also offers advertising services to businesses across the continent. Sustainability is addressed by the website’s content strategy, which relies partly on user-generated content. Music In Africa is active “offline” as well with workshops, concerts, or exchange programs.

You can find more information on the latest developments in the Music In Africa Foundation annual report.  

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