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International academy for the performing arts

Annual platforms of MOVIMIENTO SUR

MOVIMIENTO started in the summer of 2012 in Valparaíso, Chile. Since then, it has been held once a year as a temporary academy offering laboratories, seminars and performances focusing on the interaction of movement, art and society.

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MOVIMIENTO SUR in Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile July 7-28, 2016

Through labs and field research, artists assess the societal context of their art.

The fifth edition of MOVIMIENTO SUR focuses on “feedback cultures” in art and society. For three weeks, choreographers, dramaturges, artists, and architects from Latin America work with feedback methods to develop new pieces. Barbara Van Lindt presents some of the techniques developed in the DasArts master’s program in Amsterdam that ensure a differentiated response and enable a productive exchange about artistic work. Artistic strategies will be tested, presented, and challenged in practice and in theory. What is the effect of a work? What questions does it raise? What associations does it create in other cultural and societal contexts?

Three labs focusing on the transformative power of art as an echo chamber of society will examine these questions and more. Artists from more than ten Latin American countries will take part in these research workshops under the guidance of São Paulo choreograph Cristian Duarte and performance artist Eleonora Fabião from Rio de Janeiro. International performances, presentations, discussions, and lectures give the program, curated jointly for the first time by Catarina Saraiva and Rocío Rivera, further insights into the cultural scenes and provides a broad audience with access to experimental forms of performing arts. An international stipend program (Link auf PDF zur Ausschreibung, siehe Marginalspalte) underscores the character of the platform, which is aimed at young artists from Latin America.

Schedule available in early June at:

The program now enjoys greater stability thanks to the creation of its own responsible organization, Fundación Movimiento Sur. The fifth edition is once again being realized on the initiative of Siemens Stiftung with long-time partners Goethe-Institut Chile, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, escenalborde – Artes Escénicas Contemporáneas and Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Chile. NAVE, INAE – Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas Uruguay, and MEC – Ministerio de Educación y Cultura Uruguay have joined as new partners.