How can young people be inspired to learn natural sciences and technology and even perhaps encouraged to pursue a career in them later? Education systems worldwide face that question. Those in many countries have huge room for improvement: Teacher training has deficits and the need for good teaching materials is huge.

Through our education projects, we aim to support educators and teachers with modern, real-world teaching methods and materials to help them achieve their teaching goals and make science and technology instruction more understandable, vivid, and lively. The materials and examples from the media portal aim to inspire children and young people to learn STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) at an early age and also show how these subjects tie in with present and future global challenges.

Interactive whiteboards help school students better grasp subjects such as waste water purification and the sustainable use of drinking water.

What are the key elements of the media portal?

  • Education for all

    The Media Portal uses only teaching materials that are under open CC license, based on the distributed standard licenses of the non-profit organization Creative Commons. That means they can be used, modified, combined, and shared under the same licensing terms with attribution to the author.
  • Broad range of topics with a science and technology focus

    The teaching materials in the media portal mainly convey the basics of scientific and technical subjects. They also deal with social and cultural aspects.The media portal also contains the experimentation instructions for Experimento.

  • Practical materials for interdisciplinary use

    All the materials are practical and can be used across different subjects. In addition to individual materials, the media portal contains entire media packages on specific subject areas.

  • Wide range of state-of-the-art media formats

    A diverse range of different media are available in the media portal, including interactive whiteboard content, charts, audio files, worksheets, experimentation instructions and videos. They can be used conventionally or with PCs, beamers, and whiteboards.

  • Up-to-date, quality-controlled content

    The media portal is continuously updated and expanded to include new topics and applications. New teaching concepts for differentiated, language-supporting instruction are taken into account. All teaching materials are quality-controlled.

  • Free access worldwide

    Teachers can access the range of materials, available in German, English and Spanish, from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Searches in the portal are also possible via numerous government media centers and education servers. Usage is free.