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IRENE I SEE research network

Social enterprises under the microscope

Events for strengthening the network

Conferences, seminars, and mutual visits to partner universities served to strengthen and expand the IRENE I SEE research network. "South-South Exchanges" extended the network beyond a region's own university, organizations and companies.

In addition to the exchange of ideas, a number of events further strengthened the IRENE I SEE network.

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South-South-Exchange Cape Town
South-South-Exchange at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town

Mutual visits to partner universities, “South-South Exchanges,” serve to strengthen and expand the IRENE I SEE research network. Doctoral students present their research and the respective doctoral advisor gives a seminar. Meetings also take place with academic commissions to discuss research collaborations and future partnerships. The research dialog is flanked with meetings with local social enterprises that aim to gain a deeper understanding of social entrepreneurship in different regional contexts.

Following the two successful meetings in South Africa, Meshach Akziapono and Alfred Mthimkhulu from Stellenbosch University travelled to Colombia and Mexico in September 2014.