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IRENE I SEE research network

Social enterprises under the microscope

Events for strengthening the network

Conferences, seminars, and mutual visits to partner universities served to strengthen and expand the IRENE I SEE research network. "South-South Exchanges" extended the network beyond a region's own university, organizations and companies.

In addition to the exchange of ideas, a number of events further strengthened the IRENE I SEE network.

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Expert Talk at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, January 31, 2014

Aline Wachner, student at Zeppelin University and stipend of IRENE I SEE, presents the second part of the survey among Social Businesses and Social Investors in Colombia, Kenya, Mexico and South Africa

Research Day at Zeppelin University

As part of the public Research Day at Zeppelin University, IRENE I SEE researchers who are supported by Siemens Stiftung gave a presentation on "Understanding the Financing Demands of Social Enterprises and the Supply of Social Investments in Emerging Markets".

Dr. Lisa Hanley, a postdoc at Zeppelin University and research coordinator of IRENE I SEE, introduced the project as well as the background and methodology to a quantitative study of social enterprises and social investors in Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa that is currently in progress.
Aline Wachner and Tim Weiss, both doctoral candidates supported by the IRENE | SEE project, introduced some preliminary insights of the survey. The presentation provided insights into business model innovation of social enterprises, financing streams, as well as the challenges social enterprises face in serving the Bottom of Pyramid.

Expert Talk at Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Januar 20, 2012

  • Prof. Jansen
    Prof. Jansen presents the work of IRENE | SEE.
  • Presentation Dr. Lisa Hanley
    Dr. Lisa Hanley gives a presentation.
  • Presentation Aline Wachner
    Aline Wachner introduces the topic of her dissertation.
  • Discussion with Dr. Lisa Hanley
    Dr. Lisa Hanley during the discussion.
  • Discussion with Aline Wachner
    Aline Wachner discusses with the audience.

IRENE I SEE introduction

As part of the public Research Day at Zeppelin University, IRENE I SEE doctoral candidate Aline Wachner presented her doctoral project, which is being supported by Siemens Stiftung as part of IRENE I SEE program. Prof. Stephan A. Jansen, president and managing director of Zeppelin, introduced the research network and explained to the audience how the cooperation came into existence and how it works.

Dr. Lisa Hanley, a postdoc faculty member of Zeppelin University and research coordinator of IRENE I SEE, introduced the general background, core issues and objectives of the research program. She also described where IRENE I SEE stands in relation to the “Encourage. Empowering People” program of Siemens Stifttung and explained how it is making a concrete contribution to science education.

Presentation of Aline Wachner’s research project

Aline Wachter followed with a presentation of her doctoral project incorporating the latest international research with the title “From Accountability to Social Economic Empowerment: Locating Social Entrepreneurship in the Global South.” She demonstrated how the process of accountability and the pattern of responsibilities within a social enterprise differ from those in a purely market-oriented business and how the community as a beneficiary must likewise be integrated in the so-called “accounting process”. After her presentation Aline Wachner discussed her theses with the audience.