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Real-life science and technology instruction

The international educational program Experimento is currently active in eleven countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Educational requirements are different in every country and are strongly influenced by cultural factors. This is why local partners such as education ministries and universities are involved in all the countries. The cooperation with local educational partners helps meet the specific teaching and learning requirements of each country. 

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Learning how to experiment at school: Experimento training programs provide appropriate methods.
Learning how to experiment at school: Experimento training programs provide appropriate methods.

Children are the future in Colombia, as everywhere else, and the "Escuela del Maestro" (teacher training) is the strategic key to tackling social ills and overcoming social injustice in the country in the years to come. The way to achieving this is high-quality public school education that offers teachers ongoing advanced training and gives children educational opportunities for the future whatever their social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Only in this way Colombia's children and young people can develop into global citizens and gain knowledge and skills that enable them to play a proactive part in society in order to create a fairer future for their country.

In the context of this educational reform commitment by the state, the city of Medellín – Colombia's second-largest with 2.7 million inhabitants – has developed a special educational program to promote science, technology and innovation. Teachers' science and technology expertise is to be improved under the slogan “Medellín – the most educated city” and active, experiment-based lessons promoted.

The local Siemens Fundación Colombia has worked strategically with the education authority of the city of Medellín for several years. It has been supporting the successful implementation of Siemens Stiftung's educational program Experimento since 2012. Integration into teaching initially focused on Experimento I 4+. The Experimento I 8+ and Experimento 10 I + modules have since been also introduced and are helping children expand their knowledge continually from preschool to graduation in a multitude of ways. Companies, foundations and the education authority are supporting the initiative. Training seminars for Experimento are being held in collaboration with the Universidad Los Andes and its Department of Teaching through Research and STEM Education.

A total of 180 teachers in Medellín were trained for Experimento 4+ in Colombia from 2012 to 2013. A further 80 teachers received training for Experimento 8+ and 10+ in 2014. In addition, a pilot project is being launched from 2014 to 2015 for rural areas in the Antioquia region. The local Siemens Stiftung is also cooperating with several universities to implement Experimento I 4+ in the cities of Bogota/Tenjo, Cali and Barranquilla.