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Real-life science and technology instruction

The international educational program Experimento is currently active in eleven countries in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Educational requirements are different in every country and are strongly influenced by cultural factors. This is why local partners such as education ministries and universities are involved in all the countries. The cooperation with local educational partners helps meet the specific teaching and learning requirements of each country. 

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Learning how to research: Experimento builds a bridge between theory and practice.
Learning how to research: Experimento builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Creating modern teaching materials for educators, intensifying children's early interest in science and technology, and motivating more young people for technical and scientific careers – these are the objectives formulated by education policy makers, universities and institutions in Argentina. Initiatives introduced by the government aim to teach students relevant technical skills and knowledge of scientific interrelationships as well as to put them in tune with important issues of the future, for example environmental protection.

Siemens Stiftung is helping to promote science and technology education together with the local corporate foundation, Fundación Siemens Argentina. With this aim, a collaboration has been agreed with the Argentinian Ministry of Education, primarily concentrating on early childhood education in preschools. Experimento I 4+ has been implemented successively in every public school in Buenos Aires since 2013, as well as in twelve private schools and 44 special schools for individuals with a variety of disabilities. In the area around Buenos Aires, Experimento is used in 20 schools in Vicente López and another 20 in San Martín.

Implementing Experimento I 4+ offers teachers a systematic portfolio of science and technology experiments to actively shape lessons for preschool children. To enable the program content to be implemented and used effectively, the Municipal Institute for Teacher Training and Fundación Siemens Argentina offer training seminars for educators. A local producer of teaching and learning materials creates the kits of experimentation materials in Argentina and is part of a network of committed partners who are involved together in promoting science and technology education in the country.