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International Academy for the Performing Arts

In October 2013, EXPERIMENTA SUR started in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then, it has been held six times as a temporary academy offering laboratories, seminars and performances focusing on the interaction of art and society.

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International academy for the performing arts June 1-11, 2016 in Bogotá and Buenaventura

Where do we stand today in our time? Artists and intellectuals from South America and other parts of the world come together for dialogue at EXPERIMENTA SUR.

The fifth edition of EXPERIMENTA SUR brings artists from more than ten Latin American countries together in Colombia. In reference to the concept from Russian philosopher Michail Bachtin, the phrase “Chronotope: the space of time” sets the tone for a debate about spatial-temporal relations in modern performing arts.

Academy expands to Buenaventura

As a “floating platform,” this year's exchange program will also take place outside of Bogotá for the first time and include Buenaventura. Although the city is home to the most important port on the Pacific coast of Latin America, most of its citizens live in deep poverty. The port also makes the predominantly African-Colombian region a contested geostrategic zone. Argentine director Emilio García Wehbi will work with a group of young artists from Bogotá and Buenaventura to examine how space and time penetrate the social and political domain. As part of their collaboration, they’ll be housed in an abandoned hotel that was built in the 1920s and is showing its age. The results of their field research will be on public display for two days in Buenaventura.

Focus on interaction with space and time

The city on the Pacific will host an additional project in the public realm as well. For “Standard Time,” artist Mark Formanek is recreating the passage of time - with wood and screws. A hand-made clock, built to look like a digital time display, will be continuously advanced by 60 students from the Escuela Taller to display the actual time over 24 hours. Minute by minute. But the clock isn't powerful enough to keep consistent time, turning orientation based on the system of internationally recognized standard time on its head. Armed with tools, safety glasses, and instructions, Kate McIntosh – a performance, theater, video, and installation artist from New Zealand – sends visitors in Bogotá through the various rooms of Mapa Teatro. In her live installation “Worktable,” each person determines the extent that an object maintains its actual shape or is formed into a new one. Brutal or delicate, destructive or complementary - the creative manipulation is left up to the visitor.

These expeditions into the ethical dimension of action in space and time are encompassed in the labs, discussion forums, and lectures of Venezuelan curator José Luis Blondet, sociologist Laymert García dos Santos, Colombian director Alejandro González Puche, and not least of all, the productions of performance artist Antonia Baehr.


Partner network

This year, the academy initiated by Siemens Stiftung, Colombia’s Mapa Teatro, and Goethe-Institut Bogotá is supported by: Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, División de Investigación de la Facultad de Artes y la Maestría Interdisciplinaria en Teatro y Artes Vivas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Dirección de Poblaciones y la Dirección de Patrimonio del Ministerio de Cultura, Universidad del Valle, Programa de Arte Dramático de la Universidad del Valle, sede Buenaventura, Escuela Taller de Buenaventura-Antigua estación del ferrocarril, Hotel Estación de Buenaventura. With the kind support of the German Foreign Federal Office.

Participating artists, groups, and academics

Taking part in this year’s academy are: Heidi & Rolf Abderhalden (CO), Asociación de mujeres cocineras de la Plaza de Mercado Polo Nuevo (CO), Rafael Acero (CO), Antonia Baehr (DE), José Luis Blondet (VE/US), Agnes Brekke (CO/UK), Maura de Caldas (CO), Juan Ernesto Díaz (MX), Jorge Mario Escobar (CO), Mark Formanek (DE), Emilio García Wehbi (AR), Laymert García dos Santos (BR), Baudilio Guama Rentería (CO), Alejandro González Puche (CO), Roberto Lozano Batalla (CO), Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE), Luis Morales (CO), José Mario Riascos (CO), Santiago Sepúlveda (CO), Lucía Solís (CO), Tura Hip-Hop (CO), Adriana Urrea (CO), Manuel Viveros (CO)