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International Academy for the Performing Arts

In October 2013, EXPERIMENTA SUR started in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then, it has been held six times as a temporary academy offering laboratories, seminars and performances focusing on the interaction of art and society.

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Third International Academy for the Performing Arts from May 28 to June 11, 2014 in Bogotá

  • "Hate Radio" by Milo Rau / In the context of EXPERIMENTA SUR III, IIPM lets a radio station from Rwanda go on air again – on stage are the survivors of the genocide.
  • "Hate Radio" leaves the audience wondering where the hate comes from used by radio station RTLM in Rwanda to incite genocide.
  • In its new piece „Los Incontados“, Mapa Teatro depicts the three faces of violence in Colombia.
  • In “Western Society” British-German performance group Gob Squad zooms right into the heart of the western world.
  • British curator and author Adrian Heathfield leads a workshop which focuses on writing about ephemeral moments.

With a three-week summer academy the third edition of EXPERIMENTA SUR opened up a work and discussion forum for experimental formats of cultural work. In workshops, artists’ labs, lectures, discussion events, and live performances art and culture was understood in equal measures as a driving force and expression of social change. Goethe-Institut made it possible for emerging artists from throughout Latin America to participate within the framework of an Excellence Initiative thanks to a stipend program.

Under the heading “Expanded Dramaturgies” interdisciplinary forms of collaboration and the search for new presentation contexts were addressed. Impulses for discussion came from the New York sculptor and poet Kenneth Goldsmith who takes digital change seriously also in terms of written text, as well as from documentary theater maker Jens Dietrich, British theorist and curator Adrian Heathfield, Canadian composer, musician, author, curator, and media artist Éric Létourneau and Colombian philosopher Adriana Urrea.

The academy’s presentation program featured pioneering performances that explore the state of society on three different continents. Milo Rau, Gob Squad and Colombia’s Mapa Teatro made it possible to experience these states via very special performance formats. These show the mental images which societies are built upon and those it is impacted or manipulated by thereby throwing up existential questions as to the state of humanity.

Second International Academy for the Performing Arts from February 11 to 15, 2014 in Bogotá

The second week of the EXPERIMENTA SUR program focused on fundamental themes of art in society. Under the guidance of Giulia Palladini curators and artists from different fields worked in a lab in Bogotá and explored the value of performance. A curator and performing arts scholar, Palladini currently teaches at the University of Erfurt as a Humboldt-Stiftung post-doctoral fellow. In an accompanying lecture and discussion program at the Centro de Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación philosopher Rüdiger Safranski talked about evil. Sociologist Laymert Garcia Dos Santos from the University of Campinas in São Paulo focused on the relationship between culture and technology. Dos Santos, who also teaches at the University Paris 7, realized projects with indigenous peoples from the Amazon Basin. On the basis of his many years of research into the Yanomami Indians he reflected on transcultural work and impressively showed how a shared experience can be generated in encounters of this kind.