empowering people. Network
The empowering people. Network offers inventors, practitioners and social entrepreneurs a platform for dialogue and cooperation.

What is the goal of the "empowering people. Network"?

Technologies which enable sustainable development already exist today. The real challenge is to make better use of them. The “empowering people. Network” aims to breach this gap between available but largely unknown inventions on the one hand and impact-oriented implementation on the other hand. It connects inventors worldwide, who create technological solutions for basic needs in developing countries and also implement them largely in their own enterprise or organization. The Network wants to make these solutions known internationally among potential practitioners and to initiate, promote and assist partnerships which further their implementation, in order to enable an improved provision of basic services for more people.

Database for technological solutions

The core of the Network is a database comprising simple and intelligent technological solutions, which enable a sustainable improvement of basic needs in developing regions. Featured are the best submissions to the international “empowering people. Award”.

Exchange of experiences in a strong network

The “empowering people. Network” offers inventors and organizations who are members an active platform for knowledge transfer, training, expert advice and the intensive exchange of experiences. This takes place in international workshops as well as regional working sessions. The aim is to offer support for the practical implementation of their technological solutions and to assist in the establishment and further development of their organizations and enterprises (as the basis).

Professional expertise

Moreover, relevant information and research results on topics such as entrepreneurship and development cooperation will be published. The international research network IRENE I SEE (International Research Network on Social Economic Empowerment) plays an important role in this context.