• Connected Solar Clinic
    Good access to medical treatment even in underdeveloped regions: Interior of the Connected Solar Clinic

The Connected Solar Clinic is a medical center that has been developed by Siemens Stiftung and Solarkiosk AG for off-grid health care provision in underdeveloped regions. In cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Health, the project is being implemented as a pilot in the Al-Mafraq region, which provides sanctuary to many Syrian refugees.

How does the Connected Solar Clinic work?

The Connected Solar Clinic employs the award-winning E-HUBB solar technology, which is also used in the other off-grid solutions that Solarkiosk AG has created. For the first time, this technology allows for complete off-grid treatment with high-quality medical devices, which goes far beyond primary health care. For example, an ultrasound device and even a hematology laboratory can be used. In addition, a stable broadband Internet connection links the clinic to the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

Thanks to its modular design, which has already proven itself in other Siemens Stiftung and Solarkiosk projects, the clinic can be easily set up on site. The clinic can treat up to 75 patients per day.

Operating in the Jordanian region of Al-Mafraq

The Connected Solar Clinic pilot project is run in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Health in the Al-Mafraq region. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis a vast number of Syrian refugees have fled to bordering countries. Today, almost 700,000 refugees live in Jordan alone according to UNHCR. The Al-Mafraq region in Jordan hosts a substantial part of the migrating population due to the proximity of the Syrian borderline, with refugees living in the Zaatari refugee camp as well as in off-camp conditions. This puts a considerable strain on the medical facilities in the region: due to an increased number of inhabitants, the accessibilty to healthcare for refugees in particular is very limited. It is estimated that about 45 per cent have no access to healthcare in the Al-Mafraq region. In this situation, the Solar Connected Clinic can produce relief.

Siemens Stiftung, alongside with project implementation partner Solarkiosk, has enabled the launch of the Connected Solar Clinic -  a unique solution based on Solarkiosk’s award-winning design that is meant to enhance healthcare in the region for local residents and Syrian refugees and contribute to easing tensions in a highly vulnerable host community. Employees from the Jordanian Ministry of Health will manage the clinic.

In addition to our commitment to ensuring better basic care, high-quality education and an international understanding in the refugees' countries of origin, the establishment of the Connected Solar Clinic is a way of providing urgent aid to refugees.