Artists use the “blind spots” of a city and raise residents’ awareness of them.

What holds society together in the face of ecological, economic, and social changes? And how in urban environments can we provide space for identity, literally speaking?

The project’s outline is simple: Vacant urban spaces provide room to maneuver for artists from the host country, the rest of Latin America and elsewhere in the world. They use these locations and draw attention to them through their work. Their works are settings, collective explorations and bold forays, and initiating them is an important task of Siemens Stiftung.

Societies need places where they can demonstrate cohesion and where fears and desires can be expressed. Siemens Stiftung initiates international projects, such as this one, because changing places can change perspectives, providing new social impetus.

The project in Buenos Aires also marks the beginning of an international series that aims to foster artistic individuality in the cities in order to liberate creative energy and introduce a sense of responsibility. The project series continued in Santiago de Chile in 2015 and Bogotá in 2016.